The Platform

  • A very robust platform allows your Housing and Residential Life Department to utilize a wide variety of solutions that are customizable to your unique school's needs. The Reslutions' Platform will empower you to eliminate fragmented technologies, digitize your paper-based processes, and streamline them all into one, central location.
  • Custom Reporting

  • Custom reports empower you to gain unparalleled insights into what is REALLY going on in the residence halls.
    • Increase transparency and accountability with real-time reporting and notifications
    • Limit your liabilities by having the "inside scoop"

    Front Desk

  • The Front Desk solution helps enable you to provide your residents with a more secure environment by tracking all of the guest activity in the residence halls.
    • Allow staff and residents to view detailed guest history
    • Guest Exceptions have never been easier for your residents to submit
    • Restrict residents and guests from the residence halls with the click of a button

    Digital Mailman

  • Our Digital Mailman will take the "ail" out of mAIL room management at your residence halls
    • Automatically notify students when they receive a package
    • Reduce the number of lost packages, and increase resident satisfaction

    Student Manager

  • Your residents have enough challenges without having to worry about navigating all over the web for housing forms and other administrative stuff. Help simplify their lives by giving them a "one-stop-shop" for all of their housing needs.
    • Make it easier and less awkward for your students to submit room transfer requests and other personal requests
    • Give your residents access to all of the forms they could ever need in one location
    • While nobody seems to like them, fines are an important incentive used to deter reckless and malicious behavior, so we make fining as simple and painless as possible

    Event Planner

  • The Event Planner is a front to end solution for all of your Housing and Residential Life event planning needs.
    • Enable staff to create event planners and submit those plans to more senior staff
    • Coordinate the logistics of event , promote, and provide feedback on events that are being coordinated by your Housing and Residential Life Department

    Staff Manager

  • The Staff Manager solution will simplify managing an army of student affairs professionals by streamlining communication and increasing accessibility to mission critical tools
    • Customizable permissions allow you to manage staff at all levels of your organizational hierarchy
    • Weekly staff reporting helps you to keep abreast of any personal issues that your staff may be dealing with
    • Time stamped duty reporting helps you hold staff accountable and increase overall transparency
    • Intuitive scheduling and coverage requests will reduce anxiety among your staff

    Incident Reporter

  • Effective incident reporting is an essential element of Residential Life, and we want to help you maintain fairness and consistency with when it comes to judicial processing
    • Document and track your students' behavioral patterns to reduce response times
    • Communicate critical student information seamlessly to all stakeholders in Student Affairs

    Digital Check-in/Check-out

  • Reslutions knows that checking in and checking out of the Residence Halls can be a real pain for everyone involved, and we want to increase the quality of life for your stakeholders during this hectic times
    • Reduce stress levels for parents, residents, and staff with digital check-in/check-out processes
    • Keep tabs on who is responsible for property damage with digital Room Condition Reports
      *Coming Spring 2012*

    Digital Handyman

  • Let your staff and residents report work orders and building maintenance issues like never before with a strategically designed user experience.
    • Real-time work order status updates help increase transparency, and reduce frustration
    • Custom work order reporting allows you to identify the most costly maintenance issues at the most granular level
      *Coming Spring 2012*